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What engine did you use

Just plain ol’ javascript - you can find the source on github if you want to take a look:

Whaaat an awesome music omg ! I played the game just to listen to it more *^*

Is it available to download/use ? The link seems dead :/

Also I love the graphics and the concept :)

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Thanks! I love the music too. I actually found it about ten minutes before the jam ended! The link to the works for me tho - try Firefox, or maybe going to the Free Music Archive homepage? There should be able to download it from there.

Ah thanks for your help but I tried in Brave and Chrome and that doesn't work, this is for sure because of our proxy server _-_

Anyway thank you^^ (huh ten minutes ?? this was just right xD I know the feeling of the deadline being very close ;)

Adorable graphics - particularly the alien lemons. Unfortunately I lost most of my flock to the predators; although I'm like 90% sure that the portal leads straight to a lemonade factory anyway!


Uh-oh, you are getting into the deep lore there...!