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this is very cute! I wish I was there! someday...

Gorgeous! Love the art and I love how you had the small characters in the dialogue box. Also, I want an ultimate hot chocolate now... it has marshmallows AND brownie bits? Heaven :)

So cute!!!

this is so wonderful. <3

<3 <3 <3

ExCuSe Me I oNLy AtE mY oWn CaNdY oR eM's MoStLy AnD aM nO tHiEf!!!! (ok i did eat a bunch of ducky's candy too but like HE GAVE ME CHOCOLATE!!! i just.... never gave it back...................)

i love this so much!!!!!


Five stars, would let the Squad eat all my candy again


This is!!!! So adorable!!!!!! ✨❤❤❤