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I love this game so much. It's really simple, but so fun--I find myself playing this pretty often to just take a second, decompress, and make it to the top. The plant growth is so beautiful, and I love aiming to breed certain types (i.e make a plant that's mostly vertical, or make curvy dudes). This is definitely the best free game I've played in a long time :D


This makes me really happy <3

This game looks really good, but sadly I cant play it. Allthough I have love installed on Arch linux I get a lua error:

audio.lua:61: bad argument #2 to 'newSource' (string expected, got nil)

[C]: in function 'newSource'
audio.lua:61: in function 'add'
audio.lua:14: in function 'load'
main.lua:72: in function 'load'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Are you using the right version of Love2D? Depending on which zip file you use, you'll need either 10.2 or 11.1.

Is there a way to start a new game without closing and re-opening the app?

No, sorry!


That's fine, I was just wondering if I was missing something :)


I played your game in my video :) 

So while I first didn't really understand the point I still really enjoy the layout and the calmness of the game. It is very cute and it is a nice time killer.


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Very pretty zen like tree growing simulator.The main mechanic is collecting and growing seeds, which turn into trees, which in turn sprout more seeds to grow trees from. In that regard its very close to a calming gardening game, where you relax your mind by shaping your virtual garden. Navigating your garden never becomes too challenging because of your potent jumping powers. Unfortunately there isnt much content or variety, but its pretty and cute game experience that accomplishes what it sets out to do, relaxing you while playing. I almost fell asleep listening to the soft soundscapes. 3/5

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Excellent game. Thank you!


I love it, i just wish the world was less confined. I watch them grow off screen and can hear them continue to grow, but I can not see them and it is sad.


Hi, there's a bug: if a tree grows downwards, and a branch begins growing below ground level, then you get an error: attempted to index a null value.


Wow. The aesthetics, the math, the elegance – so beautiful. The only thing missing for me is a way to turn creations into printable posters or wallpaper. :D


I really love this game! It's tons of fun and I can appreciate the math behind making such beautiful creations :) I have to ask though, is there any plan or possible way of saving the trees made as an image? I'd love to be able to keep them and share!


It's so satisfying to have that 1 tree that keeps growing and growing, all the way to the top!

I bought this game in the Racial Justice bundle and it isn't allowing me to download or install the Linux 1.01 version. The version it does allow me to download is the old one for love2D 0.10.2 which gives me errors in the LUA file.

I'd love to play the game, but unless the 1.01 file becomes available I can't.

Hi! Sorry you're not able to download the newer Linux version! It seems like I'm able to download it ok from the website - but I did notice that the 1.01 version wasn't marked as a Linux version, so I went ahead and checked that box in case it makes a difference. Can you let me know if that did the trick?


It's okay now, someone I know managed to download it and sent a copy to me. Works perfect now, although I haven't been able to devote much time to it yet. Really looking forward to checking it out.


a delightfully forward yet visually elegant game. (or: simple, pretty, and a relaxing sort of fun.)


Great little game, I love it how the plants mutate and change, it has a wonderful mystery about it. :)


This game gave me joy and peace, thank you. It's also a hilarious contrast from Celeste - hard as nails skill platformer to this which is chill and pretty and I could beat it without pulling my hair out. Thank you!

Tried to launch it on Linux (Antergos/Arch) but says no executable found. Sent bug report so will check back later.

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I have a friend with Arch Linux, so I’ll see if I can recreate the bug. Thanks for pointing it out!

EDIT: Bug confirmed! I made this in an older version of Love2D (0.10.1), and the current version (11.1) appears to have breaking changes.

EDIT: Updated for Love2D 11.1. You can download the new file.

Worked great now. Nice game too :)

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Yay! Thanks!


This game is so pretty and fun and absolutely the only platformer I have ever finished. Thanks for this.

Aw that's awesome!


Thanks for this game. great job!

Thanks! :)


this is an amazing game its so calming and it is so fun!! great job.

Thanks so much!! :D