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Tried to launch it on Linux (Antergos/Arch) but says no executable found. Sent bug report so will check back later.

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I have a friend with Arch Linux, so I’ll see if I can recreate the bug. Thanks for pointing it out!

EDIT: Bug confirmed! I made this in an older version of Love2D (0.10.1), and the current version (11.1) appears to have breaking changes.

EDIT: Updated for Love2D 11.1. You can download the new file.

Worked great now. Nice game too :)

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Yay! Thanks!

This game is so pretty and fun and absolutely the only platformer I have ever finished. Thanks for this.

Aw that's awesome!

Thanks for this game. great job!

Thanks! :)

this is an amazing game its so calming and it is so fun!! great job.

Thanks so much!! :D