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I have 32 normal bunnies! Still on the first planet

Same How do you get to a new one?

If you have raised at least one bunbon to a full heart meter, it should turn into a space icon that you can click to send them on an adventure

Would there be more mutations, colors, and different types of Bunbons? Also will there be more planets and items to explore in the future? This game is adorable and I'm having fun so far!!

Thanks!! <3 I’d really like to work more on Bunbons in the future, though at the moment I’m pretty busy with my job. Someday…!

is there something I'm doing wrong with breeding them? i cant get any eggs out of them, on m second play of the game.

i've left them on screen for an hour today, and not a single egg has been laid.

a couple of the bun bons in this one are from my last playthrough if that makes a difference. 


I've had the same problem, some bunbons just don't each other, so it's best to switch them out to see if different bunbons get along.

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How do I send my bunbons off to adventure? Is there an option to rename them? Also this game is so precious!

Thank you! When you've raised your bunbons so their heart meter fills up, you'll get an option to send them in a rocket. As for renaming them, there's no way to do that at the moment in the game.

Okay thank you!

I do have another question, once I reset my game the import food/item button no longer shows up properly, is there anything I can do to make it normal again?

Have you tried refreshing the browser? You can also open the browser console and deleting the local storage.

Hi! I was wondering if the buns come back if you send them to do adventuring?

Yes! You will find them again at some point, don’t worry

2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars

Is there a downloadable version?

Not at the moment, but I have a friend who is working on making one with NWjs. When they're done, I'll link it here!


can you explain how to reset the game for people who are really dumb when it comes to how to work the website console thingy? i tried typing in "resetState()" and it didn't seem to work

It's definitely for advanced users only! You need to be in debug mode first - type a tilde (~) to toggle debug mode - then resetState() will work.

you can also right click inspect, application, storage bunbons and copy/delete the string that starts with {"planets":[{

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I'm loving this game. It's adorable and joyous and I've recommended it to friends who might need something to brighten their day.

Can I max out the bunny population?

Nope! At least, not in theory. I imagine the game will start lagging once your computer thinks you have too many.

help i can't take them out in my storage.. also how can I make them drink?

Hi! You can move them out of storage by dragging them onto the little window in the bottom left. You can encourage them to drink by dragging the food item onto them, but it’s possible they don’t like that food item - fortunately food and drink fulfill the same need so you can always try something else!


I got this in the Queer Games bundle and it's SUPER CUTE, thank you for this gem of a pet-raiser. No stress and adorable is just what I need right now.

I love the sound of the bunbons talking with each other! My bunbons are friends :)


Holy shit, this is actually perfect! I love this. It's cute, wholesome, relaxing, and has so many aspects to it than just a virtual tamagotchi/vpet. Also the ability to export? *chef's kiss* 

Thanks for your work!

Eee! I'm so glad it's made you happy! <3

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SO CUTE i love my buns and hate sending them to space but… i alwase bring them back so… SO CUTE edit:first family



they have 5 kids now…its ridiculous

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also i play on a chromebook and want to start the game over. how can i do that? I play on web​. (i kinda used the inport thing to bring the buns back from space and now i have a buged world where buns randomly stop working like this one

You can always put the bunbons in your inventory to move them from planet to planet! To restart, you can open the browser console (F12) and type "resetState()" and then enter.

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finily reset my game just had to clear cookies and data. not gunna break my game this time


im playing on broswer but i cant use f12 and two of my eggs are gone what do i do?

Can you let me know what led up to the eggs disappearing? BTW, you can also use ctrl+shift+i (or cmd+shift+i on a mac) to open the browser console.

also having this problem. typed in window.localStorage.removeItem('bunbons') in the console and nothing happened. the eggs just disappeared on their own with no provocation. 

I'll take a look this weekend. I'll also add a way to reset the game without the console command!

Also, when you place more than one egg in storage, all but 1 disappear when you attempt to place them.

I figured out the issue - it happens moving eggs in and out of the inventory. Uploading a fixed version now! You can reset your game state by using the console command resetState() or; in the game itself, typing a tilde ("~") to open debug mode, "r" to reset, and "~" to close the debug mode again.

I'm using the itch app and whenever I launch the game I just get a white screen. Is there any way to fix it? :c

Hm you may need to play it in a browser, I'm not sure why it wouldn't work in the app...

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I had gotten it to work for a while, I had uninstalled and reinstalled it because I wanted to start over.  It stopped working when I did that but I'm not sure what I might have messed up on my end

Edit: I managed to fix it by replacing everything in the installed folder with the code from the source link. I also figured out how to delete my save data using the same method as the one for deleting the data in the browser

Awesome! Glad you got it working!

how do i reset i glitched 2 out of 3 bon buns out of existence

Oh no! Mind telling me what happened so I can hopefully prevent that in the future?
The easiest way to reset it to open the browser's console (F12) and type window.localStorage.removeItem('bunbons')


I figured out the issue - it happens moving eggs in and out of the inventory. Uploading a fixed version now! You can reset your game state by using the console command resetState() or; in the game itself, typing a tilde ("~") to open debug mode, "r" to reset, and "~" to close the debug mode again.






This is so cute!


This is incredibly adorable! 🍬🐇