Môsi 1.2 released

New features:

  • arrows in the room panel let you move between adjacent rooms
  • make resizing less destructive
  • experimental support for custom scripts
  • "more info" links at the bottom of panels that point to the relevant wiki page

UI Refresh:

  • room/sprite/etc names are now buttons that let you access the extras menu, which is also where you can rename stuff now
  • use text labels in the extras menu to avoid confusion about what icons mean
  • move some panel elements to the top (the ones that are properties/settings)
  • move back button to the header bar
  • the sprite list at the bottom of the room panel now works like this: press a sprite once to select it, press it again to edit it
  • the music and palette selection overlays in the room panel work like this: press the current music/palette item to edit it, press a different music/palette to make it the current one

Misc things:

  • change default room size to 12x12 to be easier to edit on small screens
  • bug fixes


mosi-1.2.zip 323 kB
Feb 16, 2020


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Nice work!

Thanks! :D