Tap or click the screen to move your ship. Keep an eye on your fuel meter around the outside edge!

Music is "somber beauty" by fwimmygoat

Source available here: https://github.com/zenzoa/xyzygy

Many thanks to @nothke for his retrospective devlog on Norman's Sky - it was invaluable or figuring out how to build an infinite universe for my alien friends to inhabit.


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The art/style of this game is really beautiful!

thank you!

This was really lovely. I found it so soothing to drift around looking for snacks and finding good lil buddies to help plant my gardens  💖

The framerate grinds to a halt on my phone after while or I could have kept exploring for much longer!  I know it's a jam game, I'm not faulting you for that, just letting you know :)

Thank you and keep it up

Thank you and thank you! I did struggle to keep this game running at its full framerate, so I may need to reach out to someone with more experience debugging performance issues to track down the issue.

hey infinity is a big place :)