A tiny music generator that creates random ambient music. Each row is a track/voice, which has some properties you can modify. The notes they play will change over time at random, and you can also change what scale the whole piece uses.

Source code: https://github.com/zenzoa/beepster

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TagsGenerator, Music, Procedural Generation

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it sounds very good! I wanna recreate it in Godot now. may I ask a question? from what I understood on Github this is like 4 arpeggio patterns playing together, is this correct? how does "speed" work?


Hi! Speed is basically whether the notes are quarter, half, or full notes - it multiplies how long the notes are. I’d love to see the version you make in Godot!

Source code is here, btw: https://github.com/zenzoa/beepster

yeah, I guessed correctly then haha : ) thank you!

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it's not a remake but a variation used for music in my generative dream game: https://ainlid.itch.io/motif
I found slow bass + average mid + fast high notes with common piano-like ADSR to be the most pleasing configuration so I based my system on that. it features seven heptatonic scales + transpositions

This tool is awesome :), not have option for export to wav?

No i'm a composer of music the loop music generate is great, for a enviromental games!

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Very cool!! ......the sounds generated are just hypnotic! Love this.

This is wonderful, thank you


this is fantastic! I just wish I could record out a loop to use elsewhere :D


Thanks! If I figure out how to export audio data I will definitely add it, since this has been my testbed for learning how to do synth stuff :)

This is great! Makes some really good aleatoric jams with a whole bunch of different moods.

Thanks! It's been really fun learning all the synth and music terminology that always used to intimidated me, and making stuff to figure out how they work. (Also, adding "aleatoric" to my lexicon.)